Martin White

Member Testimonials

My wife Marilyn and I have been members of TELOS since its original opening in the eighties and have continued to take advantage of its expanded fitness offerings as it transitioned to today’s TELOS.

I first consulted with Wes Cade in 2002 when I was training for my first marathon, which I completed successfully, and again in 2006 when I was training for an ascent of Kilimanjaro with my son. We summited on July 4th, 2006! In both cases Wes added weight training and provided advice on nutrition to supplement my training which had a positive impact on my readiness. Fast forward 10 years to July 4th, 2016: I began to feel lower back pain which over several days affected my left thigh and leg. After a couple of months of physical therapy along with orthopedic and neurological consultations, I went back to Wes for help. His strength tests revealed a significant loss of strength in my left quad due to the injury. Also, there was a noticeable atrophy of my left quad muscle mass. Wes introduced me to a regular regimen of MAT and focused weight training.

After several months of intense training I had regained most the strength in my left quad. Per the advice of my neurosurgeon, I had a minimally invasive procedure performed in April 2017 to relieve the pressure on the nerve in my lower spine. I continued working with Wes up until the surgery as he established a baseline strength profile and helped me maximize my strength prior to the surgery.

After surgery, I continued to consult with Wes and we resumed my training and MAT program once my doctor gave clearance. I have also utilized the TELOS group exercise classes including spin and pilates, which are helping improve my cardio and flexibility.

I am very grateful to Wes for his expertise and dedication to helping me get back on track. I am now able to enjoy my outdoor pursuits such as golf and hiking.

Marilyn and I are planning our next hiking adventure in the Argentine Patagonia region in November of this year!